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About us

Our goal is the UK’s leading platform for small, local charities. Our goal is to make online fundraising easy for community groups and their supporters.

Shareholders is a not-for-profit social enterprise 80% owned by Localgiving Foundation (formerly the Ardbrack Foundation), charity registration number 1132411, and 20% owned by UK Community Foundations, charity registration number 1004630. Both are registered UK charities committed to supporting local communities. For more information please see Foundations here

Fees and commissions

2% of a donation goes to our Community Foundation partner as a donation. 3% is retained by to maintain a secure online donations service. For more information on fees and commissions, please see Deductions here

The donation journey

Please see the donations payment processing journey for a full explanation of how your donation reaches the charity of your choice.

About the company is a Limited Company, registered in the UK
Company registration number: 07111208
VAT registration number: 985 9875 25
Registered address: Limited, 39 Berwyn Road, Richmond, TW10 5BU


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