20 Bourton Low, Walnut Tree, Milton Keynes
Buckinghamshire, MK7 7DE
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MK SNAP provides Education and Training for adults with learning and physical difficulties.

Through MK SNAPs daily activities people are able to develop the skills and abilities they need to cope with life's challenges and to engage in the wider community. We are now able to cater for a greater number of people and have just implemented a new timetable of courses including everything from dance to cookery to numeracy skills

Why the community needs us

The local community needs a mechanism by which people with physical and learning difficulties can aquire skills to lead a more independent and meaningful life. By reason of their particular disability this section of our community are often prevented from accessing mainstream adult and continued learning.MK Snap provides foundation learning and life skills training enabling this group to live more independently in the community, the ultimate objective is to support them into the workplace.

Our impact on the community

We provide foundation training skills to enable people with learning and physical disabilities to progress towards independent living within the community. We support people to have an improved quality of life by way of confidence building and social integration and inclusion.

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20 Bourton Low, Walnut Tree, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK7 7DE
Tel 01908 690330
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Registered charity no. 1013148

Causes that concern us:
🎀   Disability

Validated by:
Milton Keynes Community Foundation
Established in: 1991
Full time staff: 8
Part time staff: 8
Volunteers & helpers: 14

What your gift could provide


Ingredients for a cookery lesson


Cost of 1 person attending a healthy lifestyles fitness session


Transportation costs for groups to attend community project work

Fundraise for us! Volunteers required!

Volunteers required

We are always looking for volunteers who are willing to give up their free time and assist in a variety of areas. From office skills, to supporting staff run courses, to supporting an indivduals needs. If you are interested and want to be a part of a good team here at SNAP please do not hesitate to contact us