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The Dovetail Centre, Winchester Road, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh
Hampshire, SO53 2GJ
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Springboard helps people make the best of their lives, with a particular focus on career.

Springboard help people to and make the best of their lives, particularly those with confidence or self-esteem issues, with particular focus on career. We provide professional careers guidance, counselling and life coaching in one-to-one sessions backed up by access to modern computer technology and software and a professsional and supportive environment. We help people realise their own potential and set them on a path to realise what they really want from life.

Why the community needs us

Springboard supports people who have employment problems,and particularly those who need more sympathetic support to build their confidence. The Community therefore benefits because some of its more vulnerable members are enabled to achieve more, thus contributing to the confidence and economic wellbeing of the whole community. In the last financial year Springboard supported 107 new clients who received up to three full-hour in-depth client-centred 'Information, Advice and Guidance sessions.

Our impact on the community

Of the 107 people we saw in 2011, 79 gave feedback on what Springboard had done for them. This was almost universally positive: 38 got new jobs 2 started their own businesses 11 started new training towards a deliberately chosen goal. 4 were more focussed in their job search, knowing more confidently what they wanted to do. 5 now had the confidence to start their job search, realising they do have something to offer. 6 had kept a job which had been threatened 4 experienced no change

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Springboard Employment & Training Group

The Dovetail Centre, Winchester Road, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO53 2GJ
Tel 023 8026 1146
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