Misfits Theatre Company

Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol
Bristol, BS1 3QY
📞 0117 9532461

We are a theatre and social group led by people with learning difficulties.

We make original theatre that tells the stories of our lives and changes people's perceptions of us. We provide unique training to people in the public, private and voluntary sectors on equality and the Equalities ACT, the issues faced by people with learning difficulties, and lots of other topics. We aim to enable people with learning difficulties to be creative, have fun and reach their potential through participation, performance, volunteering and employment.

Why the community needs us

People with learning difficulties face isolation and discrimination and often have limited life chances in relation to other people. We are usually seen as dependent on others and there is a lack of awareness about the issues we face. The Misfits aims to improve the life opportunities and aspirations of people with learning difficulties, to help us have a better chance in life, enjoy who we are and become more confident. Through our performances we change what people think of us.

Our impact on the community

In the last six years we have supported all of our members to feel more confident and enjoy being who they are. Six of our members are now employed by the company and 4 members have found employment elsewhere. We have performed over 100 issue based plays to over 2000 people to raise awareness and educate people about the issues we face. We have put on 4 nightclub events, each attended by 150 people, and 5 tea dances. "Here I make friends and feel proud of who I am" (Rob, Misfits member)

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Misfits Theatre Company

Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol, Bristol, BS1 3QY
Tel 0117 9532461
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Validated by:
Localgiving Foundation
Established in: 2005
Full time staff: 1
Part time staff: 11
Volunteers & helpers: 4

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Volunteers required

If you have a learning difficulty and are interested in theatre, contact us to find out more about how to join the group.
If you think you can help us with making theatre, or have another skill that you would like to share with our company, we'd love to hear from you. Some examples of things volunteers have done with us recently are making props and set, giving healing treatments and alternative therapies to our members, and producing leaflets for our plays.