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Youth Works Corby and Kettering Community Interest Company

Connaughty Youth Centre, Cottingham Road, Corby
Northamptonshire, NN17 0DF

Youth Works CIC delivering quality youth provision primarily to young people deemed 'hard to reach'.

To provide a service second to none that works with and for young people. We create and deliver bespoke programmes that are designed to engage,stimulate and motivate. Our projects aim to enhance young people's confidence and self esteem, improve their empoyability and social skills. Young people are the core of our work and we encourage their involvement at all stages in the development of the provision through evaluations, committees, user groups and with two seats on our Board of Directors.

Why the community needs us

We employ local people with the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to deliver the services we provide. We work alongside many other voluntary and statutory organisations to ensure that as a whole we are providing the appropriate services that benefit the young people and the wider commnity. Many of the young people now represent their peers on a range of committees, boards and working groups, ensuring that young people's voices and opinions are taken into account.

Our impact on the community

During 2009/10 we worked alongside 900 + young people with many averaging over 500 hours on various positive activities and projects. 700 gained a recorded outcome or accreditation through AQA, Asdan and City and Guilds. With many acknowledging this was their first identifiable achievement. Through our volunteering programmes the young people have gained invaluable transferable skills as well as working towards community cohesion.

Youth Works Corby and Kettering Community Interest Company projects


Why they need our service

The Rebike project recycles old and unwanted bicycles putting them back out into the Community at little or no cost. This saves on landfill and needless waste. At the same time, we teach local young people how to repair and renovate bikes and encourage local people to get their bikes out of the garden shed and onto the roads and cycle ways of Kettering and the surrounding area. In addition to financial donations, donations of bikes and other non-motorised vehicles will be greatly appreciated.
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Youth Works Corby and Kettering Community Interest Company

Connaughty Youth Centre, Cottingham Road, Corby, Northamptonshire, NN17 0DF
Tel 01536 268039
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Causes that concern us:
🎀   Education & Training
🎀   Social Welfare

Validated by:
Northamptonshire Community Foundation
Established in: 2006
Full time staff: 4
Part time staff: 16
Volunteers & helpers: 10

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