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Charities receive 93% of donations

Our fees are very competitive is a not-for-profit organisation. 2% of a donation goes to our Community Foundation partner as a donation. 3% is retained by to cover the cost of maintaining a secure online donations service.

Processing fee

PayPal charges a typical processing fee of 1.2% + 20p per single donation. Donations made with international credit or debit cards may incur a larger PayPal fee (usually 1.9% + 20p).

Monthly direct debits are processed by Nat West which charges 1% + 10p per transaction.

Subscription fee

To be honest, we’d rather not charge a fee at all! But, in order to provide the best service we can to our charities, we charge £72 a year (a fiver a month plus VAT) which goes towards:

  • Enhancements and new features to make online fundraising easier
  • Validation of charities and community groups so donors can give with confidence
  • Local training workshops so charities can learn how to fundraise online, use social media and promote themselves locally
  • Local and national campaigns and promotions of the website
  • And loads more……

We do our best to keep these fees as low as possible and regularly review them.


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