Angela Bird Charity

9 Taylor Street Heywood, Manchester
Greater Manchester, OL10 1EF
📞 01706368369

Happiness Starts from Within Everything Else Is A Bonus

Bereavement counselling workshops to learn new skills, hobbies, life re-structure social rehabilitation, bringing awareness towards death.

Why the community needs us

The specific needs of our local community is to offer social rehabilitation, life restructure, counselling, workshops to help and motivate individuals suffering after loss and bereavement. The benefit to the community is to give them a better quality of life, and moving them from existing to learning to live again. This will bring the community together, strengthen and create positivity.

Our impact on the community

The impact on those taking part would be to avoid or reduce medication, long term health issues to be reduced or eliminated, bringing people together to escape from loneliness and isolation, building confidence, self esteem and motivation, and learning new skills and hobbies.

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Angela Bird Charity

9 Taylor Street Heywood, Manchester, Greater Manchester, OL10 1EF
Tel 01706368369
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Established in: 2011
Full time staff: 2
Part time staff: 2
Volunteers & helpers: 5

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