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Lunch Positive

Community Base, 113 Queens Road, Brighton

Weekly HIV Lunch Club. An inclusive community space for improved health, wellbeing and peer support.

To provide a weekly lunch club for anyone living with HIV in B&H and Sussex. We aim to improve the health profile of clients by providing a regular healthy subsidised meal, important to people with a compromised immune system and who often do not eat well due to low stamina or mood, disability or poor mental health. We facilitate peer support, advice, and outreach from other services. We provide mentoring, information and training in healthy eating. We involve clients in volunteering.

Why the community needs us

The locality has a high number of people with HIV. Living with HIV can be a difficult and turbulent life challenge. Stigma still exists and many are socially isolated. Often people do not eat well due to low income, disability or low mood. Meeting at lunch club provides an informal, safe and supportive space for people to share peer support, care for one another, find information and build support networks. Our service has positive impacts on people's health, sense of wellbeing and community.

Our impact on the community

We carry out a formal evaluation each year. Our most recent evaluation showed that: We provide improved access to good nutrition and diet People felt less isolated and had built social networks People had found peer support which they had not previously had People found useful advice and information around health, living with HIV and medications Peoples' sense of mental well-being had improved through coming along Volunteering gave people sense of purpose, achievement and greater inclusion

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Charity information

Lunch Positive

Community Base, 113 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XG

Tel 07846 464384
Registered charity no. 1137186

Causes that concern us:
🎀   Health & Wellbeing
🎀   Social Welfare

Validated by:
Sussex Community Foundation
Established in: 2009
Turnover: £10k - £50k
Committee members: 3
Full time staff: 0
Part time staff: 0
Volunteers & helpers: 20

What your gift could provide


Vehicle running costs to help us shop, deliver and store food each week


Helping people get in touch for support - keeping our phone active for a month


Getting people involved - training for a volunteer in food preparation & food safety