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General Terms & Conditions of use for Supporters

These General Terms & Conditions govern your use of the website at ( and your relationship with Limited (company registration number 7111208) (Localgiving) in relation to your use of

Please read these General Terms & Conditions carefully as they affect your rights and liabilities under the law. By registering with you are agreeing to these General Terms & Conditions. We amend these General Terms & Conditions from time to time and it remains your responsibility to check these General Terms & Conditions when you access These General Terms & Conditions were most recently amended on 28/10/2015.

If you have any questions on these General Terms & Conditions, please contact

What is is a service that collates trusted, validated local charities and community groups (charities) and provides a secure donation payment platform.

In order for a charity to appear on, the charity has been validated by Localgiving (or the Foundation) to reassure the public, prospective donors and donors (our supporters) that when supporters donate through, their donations will be used for charitable activities and spent locally for the benefit of local people in the United Kingdom. Click here to learn more about eligibility. However, neither Localgiving nor the Foundations can accept any liability in respect of information provided by a charity on or for the activities they undertake.


As part of the charity validation service, all charities registered with are automatically allocated to a foundation, which will be either (i) their local Community Foundation or (ii) Localgiving Foundation (formerly the Ardbrack Foundation). Each of the Foundations is a registered charity and party to an agreement with Localgiving regarding its relationship with certain charities and has appointed Localgiving as its agent for dealing with donations, including where applicable Gift Aid, made through

Localgiving Foundation is a registered charity (registered charity number 1132411 and with its address at 6th Floor, 233 High Holborn, London WC1V 7DN) and is the parent charity of Localgiving. Community Foundations are independent grant-making charities in the United Kingdom committed to supporting projects that engage local people in making communities and regions better places to live.

Donations payment processing journey

When you may make a donation using the 'Donate' button on a charity's webpage, the donation is made to the Foundation of that charity and any Gift Aid you declare is claimed automatically by Localgiving on behalf of the Foundation. Localgiving collects the donations from supporters, and Gift Aid from HMRC, on behalf of the Foundation and holds those funds for the Foundation.

In normal circumstances, Localgiving will make payment of the funds remaining after the deductions (described below), including where applicable Gift Aid, as a donation by the Foundation to the charity designated by the supporter. The Foundation will take account of the supporter's wishes and will make every effort to donate the funds to the supporter's designated charity, however, the Foundation will have absolute discretion over the making of such donations so as to ensure appropriate donation handling and legal compliance. The Foundations may decide not to forward payment to the supporter's designated charity for any reason in the Foundation's reasonable discretion (for example, where (i) the charity is no longer operating, (ii) the charity has requested Localgiving to take its webpages offline, (iii) the charity is no longer undertaking its specified charitable objectives, (iv) the charity no longer meets our registration eligibility criteria). On such rare occasions, the Foundations may forward the funds to an alternative charity and will make reasonable efforts to ensure that the charitable activities and location of such alternative charity closely matches the supporter's designated charity. Localgiving will inform registered supporters that the funds have been sent to the alternative charity.

Gift Aid

You are responsible at all times for making an accurate Gift Aid declaration when you make a donation through We are not responsible for any false or inaccurate Gift Aid declarations made by a supporter.

When you make a donation on you are asked to confirm two statements in order to claim Gift Aid on your donation:

- I am a UK tax payer and I am donating my own money. The following types of donations would not be eligible for Gift Aid:

- Cash collections donated through
- Money donated on behalf of someone else, or a group of people
- Money donated by a company or other organisation

- I will not receive any benefit as a result of my gift (e.g. some types of membership). Examples where you would be receiving a benefit include, but are not limited to:

- Some types of membership subscriptions
- Ticket sales
- Lotteries or raffles
- Any other trading, e.g. buying sports equipment
- Where a person connected with the supporter is receiving the benefit e.g. their child
- Where you are donating to the fundraising page of a relative who is taking part in an adventure fundraising activity paid for by the charity or community group they are raising funds for. 

You also have to provide your full name and home address under HMRC rules, without this information Gift Aid cannot be claimed.

The Gift Aid tax reclaim rate is 25p for every £1 donated. This is subject to change as per HMRC's guidelines.

Match funds and other promotions

From time to time, will run campaigns or promotions such as a match fund. is not obligated to run any promotions, but does so at the organisation's own discretion and/or as funding allows. 

Each individual promotion is subject to its own terms and conditions, which will be posted in this section of the Supporter Terms and Conditions. See below for the terms and conditions of the current promotion(s), where applicable.

Click here for more information or contact our Help Desk on or 0300 111 2340

- makes all decisions regarding promotions on the platform, entirely at its own discretion.

- has the right at its absolute discretion to block an individual from participating in any promotion, or match fund.

- It is the responsibility of a charity to communicate to if their objects change or other circumstances arise whereby they no longer meet the eligibility criteria for Click here to learn more about eligibility

- If the objects of a charity change or other circumstances arise whereby the charity no longer meets the eligibility criteria for, may, at its discretion, decide and communicate to a charity, that it is no longer entitled to participate on the platform or campaigns on the platform, irrespective of its subscription status at

- If an individual wishes the Gift Aid scheme to apply to his or her donation(s), it is the sole responsibility of that individual to make a valid Gift Aid declaration at the time of his or her donation(s). may decline to process a Gift Aid and tax repayment claim on behalf of a group or foundation in respect of a donation by a supporter at its discretion.

- is an online donations platform that allows individuals to donate with automated Gift Aid processing. N.B. There is no online facility via for donations to be made by one individual on behalf of others with Gift Aid reclaimed. For reference to HMRC regulations click here


Certain amounts will be deducted from all donations, including where applicable Gift Aid, made through, as follows:

5% of the donation, including where applicable Gift Aid, will be paid to Localgiving as a transaction processing fee. This fee covers access to the secure and sustainable donation payment processing, including routing of the donation and Gift Aid payments to your bank account, provided by Localgiving.

The following amount is also deducted from only the donation, excluding Gift Aid:

a 1% - 3% payment processing fee for the payment method provider (e.g. PayPal). The payment method provider may be subject to change. Payment processing charges on one-time donations are shown below:

1.0% + 10p for UK debit cards

1.4% + 10p for UK credit cards

1.4% + 20p for Paypal accounts

2.4% + 20p for International cards

2.9% + 20p for American Express

Monthly Direct Debits are processed by GoCardless who charge 10p per transaction.

The processing of donations by the payment method provided is subject to their terms and conditions and is outside the control of Localgiving.


Donations are accepted only in pounds sterling. All fees and charges set out in these General Terms and Conditions are based on donations and payments being made only in pounds sterling in the UK.

Refunds of donations to supporters

It is not Localgiving's policy to provide refunds on donations, including where applicable Gift Aid, that have been made through Refunds in respect of donations will only be made where permitted by law. Where a refund of a donation is to be made, Localgiving will inform you that the refund will be made and will promptly refund your donation.

Fundraising pages

Supporters using the fundraising page functionality to raise money for a charity or community group on must ensure that the details provided on registration or at any time subsequently are correct and complete. We are not liable to you or any third party under any circumstances for data entered incorrectly by you.

You must inform us immediately of any changes to the information that you provided when registering. In particular you must keep your contact details up to date.

You must ensure the content of your fundraising page is not misleading and that it remains up to date, complete and accurate in all material respects. Content on your fundraising page is entirely your responsibility and you must ensure it is truthful, honest and legal. Any use of copyright material must have the consent of the copyright owner. If your picture includes children or vulnerable adults, you must ensure you have the appropriate permissions for such material to be used.

Fundraising pages on can only be used to fundraise for local projects run by a charity or community group. You may not use to fundraise for a project happening overseas.

In the rare event that Localgiving is unable to pass funds raised by you onto your chosen charity or community group we may forward the funds to an alternative charity. We will make reasonable efforts to ensure that the charitable activities and location of such alternative charity closely match the charity you originally raised funds for. Localgiving will inform you (and the supporter who donated) in the rare event that the funds are sent to an alternative charity.

If you are unable to complete your fundraising event Localgiving is unable to refund any donations to your supporters. You are able to de-activate your fundraising page to prevent future donations.

If you are taking part in an adventure /challenge activity (for example a parachute jump) paid for by the charity or community group you are raising funds for, relatives donating to your fundraising page may not claim Gift Aid on their donations. Please see HMRC rules on Gift Aid for more detail.

If you have collected money offline that you would like to process through your fundraising page you may not claim Gift Aid.

Once your fundraising campaign has ended your fundraising page will still be visible on at your direct URL, although supporters will no longer be able to make donations to your page or find it through the site search. If you would like to remove your page you may de-activate it from within your Localgiving account.

Localgiving reserves the right to remove any fundraising page at any time, without explanation, if we are requested to do so by the charity or community group you are fundraising for, or if we believe you have breached any of the rules in these terms and conditions

Use of

You may not use for any of the following purposes:

- dissemination of anything unlawful, harassing, libellous, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise objectionable or use of any material that could result in any of these;

- transmission of any material that encourages conduct constituting a criminal offence, or otherwise breaches any applicable laws, regulations or code of practice;

- interfering with any other's use or enjoyment of;

- making, transmitting or storing electronic copies of materials protected by another's intellectual property rights without the permission of the owner; or

- any other purpose which is unlawful or likely to harm or bring into disrepute.

The charity is responsible for ensuring that any content it displays on, and any other information provided to Localgiving in relation to it and its charitable activities, is complete and accurate and is kept up-to-date in all material respects.

Localgiving may include links to other pages on the worldwide web. Inclusion of a link to another website does not imply endorsement of its content or opinions. Localgiving does not make any warranty or guarantee in relation to the content of other websites.

Localgiving will report unlawful or fraudulent activity to the appropriate authority.

Intellectual property

All content on is owned by Localgiving, the charities and any other providers and is protected by copyright, trade marks, database and other intellectual property rights. You may retrieve and display the content on on a computer screen, store such content in electronic form on disk (but not any server or other storage device connected to a network) or print one copy of such content for personal, non-commercial use, provided copyright and proprietary notices are abided by. Please contact if you would like to seek permission to use or display any intellectual property. You may not otherwise reproduce, modify, copy or distribute any of the other materials or content on without written permission from Localgiving and, where applicable, the copyright holder.

Limitation of Liability

You agree that your use of is on an as is and as available basis and that your use of is at your sole risk. To the fullest extent permitted by law, and except as expressly provided under these General Terms & Conditions, Localgiving excludes all representations, conditions, warranties and other terms in relation to

Localgiving excludes all liability or responsibility for any loss or damage that may result to you or any third party (including, but not limited to, any direct, indirect, or consequential loss or damage whether in tort, contract or otherwise), in connection with any content displayed on or the use, or inability to use, or any websites linked to Localgiving does not exclude or limit its liability for death or personal injury resulting from its negligence, fraud or any other liability that may not be excluded or limited.

Information, security and privacy

We ask you to set up a account so that you can choose your favourite charities to support, see the impact you have made to your community and store that information for tax and legal purposes. Where you have a account and login details, you are responsible for keeping this information confidential and for all use of your account. If you know or suspect that someone else knows your login details, you must notify Localgiving as soon as possible by contacting If Localgiving has reason to believe that there is likely to be a breach of security or misuse of, Localgiving may require you to change your login details. In extreme circumstances, your account may also be suspended.

Localgiving will capture, process, protect and secure personal data that you provide to us for the purposes set out on and in accordance with the Privacy Policy and in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. We will at all times comply with all applicable data protection legislation and guidelines (including, but not limited to, the Data Protection Act 1998). By creating your supporter account email and password, you are opting in to receive communications from Should you wish, at any time, to adjust your communications preferences (including donating anonymously, receiving information from, Community Foundations and/or your favourite charities individually), you are able to do so by logging in to your supporter account and adjusting your settings. Where you have chosen to allow Localgiving to pass your personal data to a charity, a Foundation, or both, the charity will be obliged to only use that data strictly for the purposes and in the manner consented to you. We cannot be responsible for any misuse of that information by a charity.

Availability of

Localgiving will take reasonable efforts to ensure a continuous service on for its users, but reserves the right to suspend or cease operation of all or any part of at any time without any prior notice. Access to may be occasionally restricted to allow for repairs, maintenance or the introduction of new facilities or services.

Suspension or termination

You may discontinue your use of at any time and where you have chosen to register with us you may inform us by writing to us via e-mail to These General Terms & Conditions will continue to apply to your past use of the

Any request to remove your data from our systems will be expedited as soon as practically possible, however some removed and deleted information may persist in backup copies for so long as is required to comply with laws and regulations and to facilitate, in rare instances, the refunding of donations.

Localgiving reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to immediately and without notice, suspend or permanently deny your access to all or part of and its associated services where you breach these General Terms & Conditions; including, but not limited to, where there is any actual or suspected fraudulent, criminal or improper use of or associated services.

Applicable Law

The agreement between us, including these General Terms & Conditions, and any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection to them, will be governed by the laws of England and Wales and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.


Notices must be in writing and, in the case of notices from you to Localgiving, may be sent to the street address or email address below, and in the case of notice given by Localgiving to you, may be sent by post or email, using the most recent contact details provided to Localgiving.


Localgiving may amend these General Terms & Conditions may from time to time. You are responsible for reviewing the latest version of these General Terms & Conditions when you access The latest version of these General Terms & Conditions will govern any future usage by you of Copies of these General Terms & Conditions will be available upon request. is owned and operated by:


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