The Conservation Volunteers at Skelton Grange Environment Centre

Skelton Grange Road, Leeds
West Yorkshire, LS10 1RS
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Making a difference to the community and their environment through volunteering, education & play

Skelton Grange Environment Centre is part of The Conservation Volunteers, a charity working to create a more sustainable future by inspiring people and improving places. At Skelton Grange, we engage people of all ages with the natural world, inspiring them to make a positive difference to their community and local environment. Everyone is welcome to get involved, through education, play and training opportunities or by volunteering and taking part in social activities. Join in and feel good!

Why the community needs us

Your donation may be used any time between now and March 2015 to support our work. This could be providing volunteers with training, work experience and support to run education and conservation activities, improving their life skills and employability. Or adults and children from the wider community can enjoy education days and events in a beautiful nature area in a part of Leeds otherwise lacking in green space. With your support everyone can join in and feel good about making a difference!

Our impact on the community

Over 5000 adults & children a year - primarily those disadvantaged by having little access to green space - can learn about and enjoy their environment. We use the natural environment to provide accessible, stimulating, confidence-building and memorable experiences to people, some of whom have very challenging and demanding lives. Volunteers also gain confidence through learning and work experience, and feel able to make a real difference to their local environment and communities.

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The Conservation Volunteers at Skelton Grange Environment Centre

Skelton Grange Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS10 1RS
Tel 0113 2430815
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Registered charity no. 261009

Causes that concern us:
🎀   Environment
🎀   Health & Wellbeing
🎀   Education & Training

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Localgiving Foundation
Established in: 1992
Full time staff: 2
Part time staff: 4
Volunteers & helpers: 10

What your gift could provide


Volunteer expenses for a day


A day at Skelton Grange for a child learning about nature with their class


A training day for a volunteer

Fundraise for us! Volunteers required!

Volunteers required

The Conservation Volunteers at Skelton Grange welcome long term and occasional volunteers interested in the environment, education and practical conservation.

We support longer term volunteers who can commit up to 4 days/week for a few months with an excellent programme of training and work experience. For those who simply want to try out conservation work, have fun and meet folk, we welcome people to our regular volunteering days at the centre. For full details please see our website :o)